The most important differences between IPTV and Sharing

The most important differences between IPTV and Sharing,

Some may wonder what are the most important differences between IPTV and Sharing, and what is the best in both?

In order to answer these two questions, we must first know both in detail.

In previous articles, we have discussed everything about IPTV, and it remains only to get acquainted with Sharing, to determine exactly what we want.


Sharing is a way to decode sports channels encoded by a special server,

where there are many types of channel encryption.

The server decodes most of them, and the channels change their codes frequently, sometimes every few minutes,

so there must be a strong server to decipher these codes and broadcast them to the receiver,

at the same moment, which makes the channel work steadily and never stop.

Many users have directed to share paid subscriptions, and divide them between them and other people,

in order to reduce the cost of payments, and the codes are shared by servers called Cccam.

The most important differences between IPTV and Sharing

Sharing features

1. Sharing does not require high internet speed.

2. It does not consume much internet.

3. Its channels can be played through the list of channels on your receiver.

4. It unlocks all satellite, sports, and movie and series channels for free without paying a subscription.

5. Much cheaper than using IPTV.

The difference between IPTV and Sharing

The difference between IPTV and Sharing is the way they work.

As the IPTV server depends on the Internet to operate and work, it needs a high and stable Internet speed, so that viewing is done without interruption.

You also need any supportive device to open and run IPTV links, and it can be said that all modern devices support it from phones, desktop computers, and even Smart TV screens.

As for Sharing, it needs a very low internet speed, in order to obtain only the codes and codes for opening satellite channels, through CCCam servers.

We will also need a “receiver” that supports the Sharing, with the satellites available in the Sharing.

The most important differences between IPTV and Sharing

Terms of subscription to the Sharing service

Certain conditions must be met to successfully obtain the Sharing service, such as

Not to use the data for more than one user, if it is found that the data was used twice at the same time,

the subscription will be stopped immediately and you will not have the right to demand a refund of the subscription.

– Do not open the Share program more than once, such as SBCL, SpiderShare, or TrumanShare, because this is considered a violation of the terms of the subscription.

– If you are a subscriber from within the Arab Republic of Egypt, it is not permissible to use the user outside it,

but if you are a subscriber residing outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, you can operate your subscription in any country you wish, even inside or outside Egypt.

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