IPTV players that work on Windows

IPTV players that work on Windows,

Pay TV signal subscription distribution systems that use broadband connections over the IP protocol are known as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

To activate this technology, it is not about broadcasting, but rather about IPTV.

If the device has a Windows operating system installed,

you can enjoy the contents of the program through the Windows IPTV player file.

What is a Windows IPTV player?
And what is the best Windows IPTV player?

IPTV Player can be defined as a free and open source multimedia player.

With it we can reproduce any kind of content without installing codecs, or at least not in principle.

These types of players not only play the content on our computers,

but also allow us to play online videos in an easy and safe way.

And this is precisely the task of the IPTV protocol.

IPTV is not to be confused with OTT/Online TV;

the main difference between them is that IPTV offers a higher picture quality profile,

as operators keep a portion of their bandwidth to provide TV services.

Thus the function of IPTV is to create a private and direct network between the operator offering the channels and the user,

in this way the channels can be received without an internet connection.

It is enough just to turn on the router or set-top box, but first we need a good Windows IPTV player.

Best Windows IPTV Players:

1. Free TV Player

This application allows you to stream TV or radio channels over the Internet, as well as play movies and any other type of content.

It is a Windows IPTV player available on the Microsoft Store and can be downloaded to any compatible device.

Once you download the player to your computer, you just have to open the application and add the URL of the playlist from your service provider.

All channels will be uploaded automatically and ready to watch.

2. Windows MIRO IPTV Player

MIRO is probably the most appreciated and used by the general public, it is a good and totally recommended option for Windows.

Also available for other operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux or MacOSX, it is really multi-tiered.

You can download the MIRO app for free from their website,

as its installation is very quick and the way to use is surprisingly simple.

Once it’s on your computer, you can use it to play all kinds of online content,

but you can also use it on other local media you’ve already installed.

3. MyIPTV Player

If you have Windows 10 installed on your computer, you will be able to access all the options and features that MyIPTV Player has to offer.

The application can be downloaded from the Microsoft website, and once installed on your computer; you will begin enjoying its benefits.

It is enough to click on the start icon of MyIPTV, and then go to the settings,

select “Add a new list”, select the source of the EPG to get the remote channels by entering the menu link.

4. PotPlayer

It is a multimedia player developed by the South Korean company Daum,

which has recently become a powerful alternative to VLC Media Player.

As the program can play almost any type of file, without restrictions on size or quality,

its result is always the best.

Another advantage is that it can remember the exact point at which you stopped playing the audio or video,

to resume it later from that moment on.

Its use is very simple, it has a clean and simple interface, and it has a large number of options available.

5. SimpleTV

This player bears a large part of its name, as it is probably the easiest to use Windows IPTV player on the market.

Its design is heavily inspired by VLC, which is not its fault, quite the opposite: always imitate the best; it’s a good formula for success.

This application contains many other functions; it allows adjusting the brightness, contrast or volume on each channel at levels of precision that are not found in other players.

It is also capable of recording live broadcasts and even playing multiple content simultaneously.

6. 5KPlayer Windows IPTV Player

5KPlayer can play 4K UHD, H.265/H.264, 3D, MKV and MP4, as well as 360° videos and DVDs.

It allows playing music files in all the most popular streaming formats: MP3, AAC, and FLAC.

It is also able to use the acceleration of the computer’s GPU to increase the efficiency of the video decoding process.

In this way, it can support 4K or even 8K resolution, which always keeps the CPU consumption low.

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