dreambox control center dcc
Most of users are looking for a simple way to manage their receiver boxes via a flexible and well equipped FTP program
You can manage or install your images, plugins or any other thing you want to upload or download from your box. One of the most common purposes is uploading/editing CCcam.cfg file
Install dreambox

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First of all click here to download the zip folder containing DCC version 2.96

Now extract the folder and open DCC.
how to Install dreambox control center dcc
1.First assign your box user/pass then the preferred language. Connection Type must also be chosen.

Note: If you connect to your box directly from your laptop/pc choose “Direct Crossover” but a router is on the way “Router” must be chosen.
how to Install dreambox control center dcc
2.Now you need to assign the proper IP Address of each device.

Note: If you know the correct IP address of your box and router, there is an empty space above the Search button. Mouse over there and type the IP address.

If you dont know the correct IP address, click on Search and let the DCC scan and find the correct IP addresses.

Now I`m going to scan for the right IP address of my box. I click Search
how to Install dreambox control center dcc
3.At the top you can see the Address range where you can assign the range of IP address which your Network is based on.

My range is Clicking on search will start the scanning process.
how to Install dreambox control center dcc
4.Scanning process is done. 3 IP`s have been found.

the IP ending in 2.1 is my Router, the one with 2.7 is my Box and 2.99 is another device.

So I double click on the second IP in the list to assign it as my box IP in DCC.

Do the same procedure for your Router.
how to Install dreambox control center dcc
5.Now that we have assigned proper IP`s on my device, we`re gonna click on Reconnect to see if it`s working.
how to Install dreambox control center dcc
6.All signs show that our connection is healthy and we are connected to our box through our router.
how to Install dreambox control center dcc

7.So let`s go to the FTP section and see how we can manage our files between pc/laptop and the box.

how to Install dreambox control center dcc
8.As you can see this section is divided into two halves.

Right side is our Receiver box and the left side is our PC/Laptop.

You can simply exchange between these two using the two arrows in the middle.

 If you keep DCC folder, each time that you open it, it automatically connects to your box and you can do your edits.
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